CELL PHONE GIRLS – The Hunt to Stop the Cookie Monsters


On a stormy night, Aaliyah Jasmine was awakened by a thunderstorm. There was also a calm and soothing voice calling her name on that night.  This led Aaliyah to find an ancient magic wand in the upstairs attic of her house. That night started Aaliyah on her life-changing adventures by holding the magic wand and reciting the magic words that came over her. A few days later, while having a sleepover, Aaliyah and her four friends Elsie, Maddy, Zoe, and Mia transformed into Cell Phone Girls after walking through a portal that opened up to another dimension called Techno Realm.

Once in Techno Realm, they tried to get home. But each time they opened the portal, it led them to two other realms; Uni Land a Realm ruled by Ponies and Gingerbread Land, a realm ruled by an evil gingerbread man named King Ginge.

King Ginge also has a magic wand that can open portals to the six realms. He has a huge army and is on a quest to take over all the six realms and be the king of all. When they opened the portal to Uni Land, it opened up over a special pond filled with special water that gives magical powers to those who drink or bathe in it. The Cell Phone Girls would soon find out that they all have become different superheroes. Each with her own awesome powers!

Upon exiting the pond, they were arrested by the pony high guard for trespassing in the sacred waters. The Cell Phone Girls were taken to the Queen Pony named Bree. They were accused of being spies and working for King Ginge and thrown in the pony jail.

Shortly after, King Ginge and his army of cookie monsters attacked Uni Land. During the attack, cookie monsters got into the jail and overpowered the guards where the Cell Phone Girls were held, and to Elsie’s surprise, she discovered her superpower. It was super strength that was deployed to push open the jail bars, thus freeing the Cell Phone Girls and super punching the cookie monsters and destroying them.

All the Cell Phone Girls would each unravel their powers as they fought cookie monsters on their way out of the jail. Elsie’s had super strength, Aaliyah’s power was super speed, Mia’s power was water blast, Zoe’s power was ice formation blast, and Maddy’s power was fire manipulation blast.

Once out of jail, the Cell Phone Girls fought cookie monsters. However, Elsie, Maddy, Zoe, and Mia were all captured by King Ginge and a hoard of cookie monsters. King Ginge then pulled back his attack and went back into the portal with the four girls back to Gingerbread Land.

Aaliyah tried to save her friends, but the portal closed before she could get to them. Queen Bree saw the Cell Phone Girls fighting King Ginge and his army, and at that moment, she realized they have a common enemy.

Queen Bree pondered, “could this be the prophecy where five strangers with the powers of the elements would bring peace to the six realms?” Queen Bree and Aaliyah spoke on many things. These include Queen Bree offering to help train Aaliyah to fight and show her how to use the magic wand to help save her friends. Aaliyah offered to help fight King Ginge and stop the cookie monster raids. Now begins the journey of the “CELL PHONE GIRLS – The Hunt to Stop the Cookie Monsters.”